7th Tradition and member contributions can be sent via e-transfer to treasurer@cviana.ca 

UPDATE September 9th, 2020

Follow instructions from your local health/government officials.

Please use "social distancing" requirements.

Please be aware of meeting size restrictions (less than 50 people) and the need to

collect contact tracing information to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Fines are in effect for any and all attendees where therese requirements are not met.

If not comfortable with  these requirements, please consider attending a meeting on Zoom.



Mondays @ 7:30pm

Alive & Well Group

1420 Alberni Highway (church)

Tuesdays @ 7pm

7:30pm (Starting October 6th)

Lost & Found Group

186 Shelly Road (hall)

(Closed Meeting - Addicts Only)

Thursdays @ 7pm

Seaside Serenity Group

550 Pym Street (church)



Sundays @ 7pm

Steps & Traditions Group

13570 Cedar Road


Sundays @ 7:30pm

New Beginnings Group

1270 Strathmore Street

(school field)

Tuesdays @ 7pm

Just Do It Group

2371 Arbot Road (hall)

Thursdays @ 7pm

Time To Shine Group

1270 Strathmore Street

(school field)

Fridays @ 7:30pm

Freedom Friday Group

69 Lorne Place (park)


Mondays & Fridays @ 7pm

Visions of Hope Group

3028 2nd Avenue (club)

Saturdays @ 7:30pm

Visions of Hope Group

3028 2nd Avenue (club)


Saturdays @ 6pm

Basic Text Study Group

1390 Errington Road (hall)


Wednesdays @ 7:30pm

No Bitchin' More Steppin'
Meeting ID: 854 1525 0783
Passcode: 813074